Product introduction and use

The numerical control automatic antifreeze filling production line adopts numerical control high-precision measuring system, including automatic filling machine-liding cover machine-automatic capping machine-jetting machine-sealing device, suitable for non-corrosive liquid with good self-flowing property. Filling, such as antifreeze, wiper fine, automotive glass water, antifreeze, antifreeze glass water, wiper fluid and other liquid filling, filling capacity is 500ml ~ 6000ml, not subject to bottle type restrictions.

Technical Parameters

Filling capacity: 500 ~ 6000ml (can be adjusted)
Filling accuracy: ±0.2%
Power: 50Hz 3N-380V
Power: 0.3KW
Production capacity: 3000-6000 bottles / hour (refers to 100-500ML)
Dimensions: 5100 × 950 × 2000mm
Weight: about 1000kg
With air source pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Equipment performance

1. The antifreeze filling line is a numerical control automatic filling production line, which adopts linear design microcomputer control, accurate filling and metering, simple filling adjustment, convenient, fast, flexible and adaptable to 500-6000ML various bottle types (including shaped bottles). Filling.
2. The CNC automatic antifreeze filling production line is a high-tech filling line which is programmable by microcomputer, photoelectric sensing and pneumatic execution. The filling volume and the number of filling bottles can be completed by the touch screen on the device. With the settings and automatic filling, the main operation of the device can be done automatically via the touch screen.
3. The place where the machine is in contact with the antifreeze solution and the exposed place are made of stainless steel, which meets the national food hygiene standards.
4. The CNC automatic antifreeze filling production line draws on the good performance of high quality filling equipment at home and abroad. It is fast and slow without overflowing during filling. It does not drip when filling, and it has a liquid-receiving device. It is compact in structure and easy to operate. Features such as full function, low energy consumption, low investment, high degree of automation, etc., truly achieve the advantages of convenient adjustment, no bottle filling, accurate loading and so on.
5. Pneumatic components and main electrical components are made of high quality brand components.

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