Product introduction:

The quantitative antifreeze filling machine integrates electricity, gas, liquid flow measurement technology and computer communication control technology, adopts the latest microelectronic technology and the most advanced liquid flow measurement technology, and adopts unique real-time temperature tracking technology. Tracking the temperature of the measured medium to achieve real-time compensation of the density of the medium, completely avoiding the accuracy of filling due to changes in the temperature of the medium, ensuring high-precision automatic control of antifreeze, antifreeze, automotive coolant, glass water, etc. Filling, simple structure, stable performance, easy operation, easy installation and debugging, high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability.

Product Usage:

The equipment can realize high-precision automatic filling of antifreeze, automobile antifreeze, coolant and other products, and can also be applied to liquid small package quantitative filling in daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Quantitative antifreeze filling machine technical parameters:

Filling accuracy: ±0.2%
Filling range 0.5L~50L
Measurement accuracy ≤±20g
Filling speed 2.0m3/hour
Working voltage 50-60Hz, AC220V
Power consumption: 4.0-5.0KW
Working pressure 0.6~0.7Mpa
Air consumption 0.1m3/min
Host weight 150Kg
Host volume 1200×1200×1840mm

Quantitative antifreeze filling machine performance characteristics:

1. The quantitative antifreeze filling machine is equipped with advanced foreign high-precision imported liquid flow transmitter. Its unique structure ensures that the long-term operation will not pollute the signaling device due to the leakage of the medium, which will result in the failure to properly meter the filling.
2. This machine adopts dynamic measurement compensation technology to completely eliminate the influence of pressure and liquid level changes on measurement accuracy.
3. It adopts intelligent double-flow filling technology, high-flow filling in the early stage of filling, and low-flow filling in the later stage to prevent foam overflow.
4. The filling metering method can adopt volumetric metering or mass metering; since the oil density varies greatly with temperature, only high-quality filling can be ensured by mass metering filling.
5. When mass metering is used, the PLC collects the oil temperature in real time and dynamically compensates the oil density to ensure that the measurement accuracy is not affected by temperature.
6. The unique lifting structure adopts an automatic adjustment mechanism for the height adjustment of the nozzle. When the filling container is replaced, the height adjustment of the nozzle is time-saving and labor-saving, and is simple and quick.
7. The key electrical and pneumatic components of the equipment are imported high-quality components to ensure stable and reliable operation of the whole machine.
8. Quantitative antifreeze filling machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation technology, which can adjust the flow rate at will, the power supply machine runs smoothly, saves energy and reduces consumption.
9. The quantitative antifreeze filling machine can form a multi-station integrated filling production line with automatic cover, capping equipment and labeling machine, inkjet printer, packing machine and sealing machine, which greatly improves the antifreeze. The filling production efficiency of liquid products such as liquid, vehicle antifreeze, coolant, glass water, etc., reduces labor intensity and saves labor costs.

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