Use range:
The manual paste filling machine is designed for small factories, shopkeepers, and hand-filled and economical. Applicable to medicine, daily chemical, food, pesticide and special industries, it can be filled with liquid medicine, fluid food, lubricating oil, shampoo, shampoo and other pastes and liquid substances. It has the function of filling liquid filling machine.

Manual paste filling machine technical parameters:
Working method: manual
Working speed: 20-30 times / minute (varies by person)
Filling range: 0-50ml (external knob, adjustable)
Filling nozzle diameter: 7mmx8mm (inner diameter x outer diameter)
Filling accuracy: ±1%
Hopper volume: 10 kg
Dimensions: 270 × 270 × 700mm
Machine weight: 10KG

Manual paste filling machine features:
1. The filling machine has a simple and reasonable structure, convenient manual operation and no need for any energy.
2. with the filling amount adjustment device knob, quantitative discharge, filling volume and filling speed can be manually controlled.
3. the material contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel material, suitable for use under acid and alkali medium, in line with food and pharmaceutical production hygiene requirements.
4. The capacity of the hopper of this machine is 10 kg, and the user can set the filling capacity as needed.

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