Cream filling machine technical parameters:
Power supply: 220V 50Hz
Power: main unit (electric heating) 3 (kw)
Production capacity: 5-70 (branch / min)
Machine weight: 600 (kg)
Air supply pressure: 0.6 (Mpas/cm2
Measurement accuracy: <2%
Dimensions: 1650 × 1200 × 2100mm

Cream filling machine working process:
When the power is turned on, the worktable automatically rotates and positions, and the metal hose is manually inserted into the indexing coil holder. When the empty tube reaches the filling station and the photoelectric switch detects the material tube, the material is quantitatively poured into the tube through the metering pump, and then The tube is automatically sealed, printed, and finished by the finishing station.

Cream filling machine structure features:
The machine adopts the automatic lifting servo filling method, the filling is accurate (can be adjusted arbitrarily), and the measuring error is small; the machine adopts advanced technology, filling without tailing, drawing and other phenomena, the material will not be in the process of filling and storage. Produces a solidification phenomenon. The machine is bi-folded, which completely solves the tail leakage, beautiful sealing and easy operation. The machine has stepless speed regulation, measuring, filling, sealing, printing and launching once.

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