Production process:

The starting temperature reaches the constant temperature → set the parameters → the material is poured into the hopper or introduced by the tube (the machine automatically sucks in the material from the hopper) → automatically quantitatively cuts according to the set weight → automatic packaging machine automatic bag forming (optional punching, gusseting) , exhaust and other accessories devices) → filling → sealing → printing date → packaging machine to complete automatic sealing and cutting → - finished packaging is transported by the finished conveyor.

main feature:

1. All stainless steel structure is durable and ensures hygiene.
2. The operation is simple, no need to ask other professional and technical personnel.
3. PLC control, user-friendly operation interface, greatly improve the accuracy, reliability, intelligence and adjustment range of control.
4. Level sensor monitoring makes it easy to adjust the bag length.
5. Photoelectric switch automatically and accurately tracks the film color standard.
6. Can be consistent with the speed of the pump to ensure accuracy.
7. It adopts servo motor motor control and double pull film device, and the film is accurate, thus ensuring bag making effect.
8. A variety of imported high-quality components to ensure the high quality and high performance of the machine.
9. An airless bag can be made without the need for an additional ejector or vacuuming device.

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