Product introduction: Small magnetic pump quantitative liquid filling machine uses micro-computer to control the micro-pump in the filling time, motor speed and other factors, to achieve a uniform, minimally repeated liquid filling method, widely used in medicine, chemical industry , food, beverages, oils, cosmetics and other industries.

Small magnetic pump quantitative liquid filling machine working parameters:
Flow rate: 2 heads * 3.2 liters / minute (20-60 bottles per minute)
Working power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ
Power: 2*80 w
Delay range: 0.01s to 999.9s
Counting range: 1 ~ 59999 times
Working mode: power-on delay data program setting
Display mode: upper row filling time display, middle row intermittent time display, lower row counting display
Dimensions: 360*350*360mm
Weight: 15kg
Body material: 304 stainless steel
Pump body material: stainless steel

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