Product introduction: Semi-automatic quantitative edible oil filling machine adopts advanced microcomputer technology, self-supplied power, no pressure on pipeline, saving operating cost; automatic detection of oil and steel, automatic correction of density change caused by temperature change, suitable for oil with large temperature difference environment Product filling work, easy to use and flexible; mechanical and electrical integration design, easy installation, low price of the whole machine

Semi-automatic quantitative edible oil filling machine technical parameters:
Number of filling heads: 2
Filling speed: 10-30 bottles / min
Filling range: 1-5L/5-20L
Filling accuracy: ≤ ± 1%
Working voltage: 380v
Motor power: <3KW
Weight: 100KG

Semi-automatic quantitative edible oil filling machine features:
1. Semi-automatic filling production line is the latest small packaging equipment successfully developed by our company. It can quantitatively fill a variety of oils and viscous liquids.
2. Using advanced quantitative filling technology, the microelectronic intelligent control technology and program control are applied to the filling machine, making it a new type of mechatronics product.
3. The metering method adopts the combination of high-precision quantitative booster pump and micro-electronic numerical control. The filling accuracy is quite high, and the stepless mediation filling capacity can be conveniently carried out. It is very intuitive and the operation is very simple.
4. Each filling head can adjust the spacing and filling amount arbitrarily within a certain range, and can be filled with containers of various sizes and shapes, and the degree of automation is high.

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