Product introduction: This machine adopts microcomputer to control the rotation speed of food grade gear pump, and automatically determines the filling equipment and automatic counting of new filling equipment. Widely used in breakfast, soy milk, soy milk, beverages, wine, daily chemicals, edible oils, medicines, and chemical products. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, and the size of the discharge nozzle can be switched, and the rubber tube can be arbitrarily moved and filled, and can meet an unlimited amount of 50-1000 (ml) or more. (Any adjustment of filling capacity requirements, and is not limited by the filling capacity, is a reliable and durable filling equipment)

Self-priming bag quantitative liquid filling machine technical parameters:
Filling head diameter: 6mm (4mm, 8mm can be customized if needed)
Ambient humidity: ≤85%
Motor power: 80W
Filling volume: 5 grams or more
Dimensions: 350*350*370MM
Body material: stainless steel

Self-priming bag quantitative liquid filling machine operation steps:
Filling time adjustment
A, press the setting button first, the time flashes, press the increase button 0-9 to set the time required for the bit.
B, press the right shift to the specified position, press the increase button to adjust the bit time, and repeat the operation.
C, press the unit key to move the decimal point back and forth, determine the unit of time
D. Press the Escape key and the setup is complete.
2. Intermittent time adjustment Same as filling time adjustment
3. Adjustment of the timer
A. Press the setting button, the timer flashes, press the increase button 0-9 to adjust the number of bits, press the right shift to adjust the number of other bits, and set the required amount.
B. Press the mode button. When the light is on, fill the specified quantity and the filling machine stops working. When it is not lit, it works continuously and counts continuously.
4. Filling settings Press the filling setting, the filling machine starts working, and when filling the required amount, press the filling setting button, the filling time is the filling time. The amount of time required for this amount.

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