product manual:
The computer-type automatic vacuum packaging machine produced by our company is designed for packaging products with large water content. It adopts Japanese control circuit and draws on the advanced technical experience of the same industry in foreign countries. Its electrical control is controlled by microcomputer controller. It is waterproof. The advantages of moisture proof, low failure rate and long service life make the equipment easy to clean. Even if it is washed directly with water, it will not cause any electrical failure. The frame adopts 304 stainless steel plate for international standard food, which has high strength and is not easy to be damaged. The unique tilting table design ensures that the moisture in the product is not lost, making the product's aqueous vacuum packaging easier to handle.

Plastic composite film or plastic aluminum foil composite film is used as packaging material for various instruments, medicines, food, fruit, pickles, preserved fruits, aquatic products, native products, chemical raw materials, electronic components and military supplies, etc., whether solid or powdery. The paste or liquid can be vacuum sealed and sealed. Due to the high degree of vacuum in the bag, it can effectively prevent the corrosion and deterioration of the articles caused by the oxidation of aerobic products by aerobic bacteria, the functions of preservation, taste preservation and color retention, and prolong the storage time of products (goods). Some soft items can be packaged in a vacuum to reduce the package size for easy storage and storage.

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